Terms and Conditions

Please take your time to read and understand the Terms & Conditions. 
I always work ethically and transparently, so there are no hidden catches or misleading clauses.

If you find any part of the Terms and Conditions unclear, please don ́t hesitate to contact me  for clarification. I offer my service in Brisbane and surrounding areas, up to 40 minutes from the CBD.

1. For Home and Small Business Customers there are three packages of 1, 3 or 5 hours of organisation. You can book up to 5 packages per booking. 

2. For Corporate and Large Business customers, I will negotiate contract rates and specific terms and conditions on a case by case basis.

3. organiZaction does not charge booking fees, transaction fees or card fees of any kind.

4. organiZaction does not charge call-out or travel fees within the standard Brisbane service area. If you are outside this area and wish to book, please contact me for options.

5. organiZaction does not charge extra for weekends or holidays. The package prices are the same, regardless of when you book.

6. organiZaction does not charge extra to upgrade to a larger package or more packages at any time, including during your consult.

7. To fully achieve the results you want, it may on occasion be necessary to book further appointment(s). If this is the case, I will suggest it during the organisation session. Due to every consult being different, extra consultation is sometimes best decided during the process. Of course, any extra bookings are totally your decision. My goal is to deliver a high quality service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8. Some organisation consults can be done quickly, others may take more time, especially when it involves handling sentimental belongings. I will work to your pace, respecting your time. During all parts of the process it is important you feel comfortable to continue. If you need more time, we can keep going in another area and return later when you feel you want to.

9. During the consultation I will be working alongside you. This saves us time, and we are dealing with your belongings so it’s essential you are knowing everything we are doing.

10. I only work with belongings with the owner’s consent.

11. Each consultation is highly confidential and will be strictly treated as such. See the organiZaction Privacy Policy for more.

12. Consultation fees are to be paid at the time of your consultation. Cash and Major cards are accepted.

13. Although unlikely, accidents can happen, so it is important you are aware that if the accident has not occurred due to negligence, organiZaction is not responsible for any kind of damage, collision, breakage, scratches or other damage caused during or after the consultation. However, in the event of damage caused by neglect of due care and attention, organiZaction will replace the item or issue a refund of the repair costs.  I work very carefully, so it is very unlikely any damage will occur.

14. I may suggest you purchase, move, remove, discard, donate or sell items or furniture, however the final decision is always yours, and I will work to suit your decisions.

15. If desired, organiZaction can purchase or collect any items or storage articles (including some furniture and large items) you might need in order to organise your belongings. To ensure it is clear and simple, this collecting will be done inside your package time as part of your booking.

16. If required, as part of the service organiZaction can remove items to charity containers or to a City Council Refuse Centre (dump). The time to load the vehicle will be part of the package plan, and a small cartage fee may apply. If you are looking for where you can donate unwanted items yourself, please click here to visit the Brisbane charity donation locations.

17. I will ask for permission to take Before and After photographs or record videos for you to view the improvement, and post to Social Media and/or the website. However, this is entirely at your discretion and your identity will be kept in strictest confidence. See the Privacy Policy for more.

18. Cancellations will be reviewed on a case by case basis, but organiZaction reserves the right to charge a Cancellation fee of up to 50% of service fees for cancellations received more than 24 hours before the first appointment time, and up to 100% of service fees for cancellations received less than 24 hours from the first appointment time. Fees may also be waived depending on the nature of the cancellation.