Daniela Garcia

Professional Organiser

My Story

I am originally from Brazil. I grew up in Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world (and much larger than Rio de Janeiro!). 

I studied Psychology at University, and among the many things I learned about was the psychological effects of disorder and clutter, and the importance of being organised. But it wasn’t until later that I thought more deeply about this.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I went on to study my Master’s Degree in Strategic Management of Human Resources. I wanted to help people get the best out of themselves, and I learned a variety of methods that really made a difference.

I actually began my career in Human Resources before finishing my Masters Degree.

As I progressed over a 12 year period, one of my primary responsibilities was managing a team that kept the company’s space organised. 

I used a variety of systems, methods, tools and techniques, such as:

✓ 5S - Seiri (Sort) | Seiton (Set in Order) | Seiso (Shine) | Seiketsu (Standardize) | Shitsuke (Sustain)

✓ Kaizen (Kai – Change, Zen – Good)
✓ FIFO (First In, First Out)
✓ 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) 

Additionally, all the little things I learned and refined over the years running my team contributed just as much to our success as the more structured, systematic methods.

In 2013, my company began a move to a brand new site. With over 400 employees, this was a very big operation!

Our select team took care of all the demands involved in the move. 

We had to plan and decide on every single detail, such as realignment of the various departments to improve management, productivity, and staff interaction and cooperation, the logistics of packaging and transport, organising the layout and staff access, office furniture purchase and installation, decoration, unloading/unpacking and so on.

All these demands involve the need to declutter, sort, discard, set in order, and tidy up.

A lot of organisation was required to ensure everything ran smoothly, quickly, and with as little impact as possible to keep the work routine runing well and fulfilling timeframes. 

Well, I was hooked!

Despite the size and scope of the operation, I absolutely loved the whole campaign, and this is where the spark of my passion really ignited.

I used to live in a big house with a lot of rooms and a lot of stuff and honestly, I wasn’t that organised at home, despite all of my organising efforts at work.

When I decided to come to Australia a few years ago, I had to donate, sell and let go of most of my belongings, and bring with me only what was necessary. 

When I first arrived in Brisbane to study English, I lived in a smaller place - far smaller than where I used to live in Sao Paulo. Moreover, for the first time in my life I was living in a share house, and that required me to be always organised. 

Half a year later I met my partner, and we transitioned into building a life together. Organisation became even more important then, as I really began my new life in Brisbane.

Since moving to Australia, I realised how truly calming, convenient, and satisfying it is to be organised. 

I studied even deeper and further into the ideas, practices and effects of organisation; and I also started organising my friends’ and colleagues’ houses, applying all of the concepts and techniques I have learned on my journey.

From there I started to get some clients, and organiZaction was born!

I frequently think about the best ways to organise effectively, without spending too much time and money.

Organisation is much more than just tidying or decluttering, it involves planning, action, and some creativity too. 

When you have things properly organised and under control, your routine runs smoother and easier. You are able to find anything quickly, and you will spend less time fixing the clutter and tidying up again. 

Organisation is not about being perfect, it is about setting things up so they feel easy, functional and work for you!